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Witches, Black Magic and the Second Amendment: The Right to Keep and Bear Arms Shall Not Be Infringed

Disclaimer: This article refers to witchcraft and not the religion, Wicca.

We all wish we lived in a safer world, one where we could feel sure that we and our children are safe from violence. It would be nice if we could just think nice thoughts and the world would become a nice place where other people treat us with mutual respect.

But, that isn’t reality. Refusal to acknowledge evil or to explain evil as simply an aspect of nature is not living in reality. Hoping that the Secret or Law of Attraction will save you from evil by virtue of your positive thinking is not living in reality, either.

Reality is that the world is full of evil people. If you are a woman or a child, there are people who want to harm you simply because you’re breathing. Just hoping that something bad won’t happen to you won’t keep it from happening. This is something all crime survivors know.

The ultimate disregard for crime survivors is the advocacy of victim disarmament. It is often after becoming the target of a dangerous criminal that people realize the need for self-defense. For example, many women who are often not gun enthusiasts, are forced to become armed for their survival. Such people are likely to be strong gun advocates because they know that their survival depends on being sufficiently armed. There is no teacher like experience.

Despite what anyone tells you, you have the right to defend yourself; you have the right to harm those who want to harm you. You have the right to defend yourself, whether by means of black magic or a weapon – yes, even an “assault rifle.”

Just like animals have a natural right to their claws, teeth and horns, you have a natural right to self-defense. Our ancestors were all warriors and you have the right to your self-defense, also.

Human beings have the power of their minds and the power of invention and creation. The 2nd Amendment is an expression of the natural human right to self-defense with a weapon. But, no one has to actually write a law to give you this right and no one can write a law to take it away from you.

You always have the absolute right to defend yourself against those claiming authority over you – because there is no higher authority than you.
What is the 2nd Amendment?

Many people, especially non-Americans do not know what the 2nd Amendment is, so here is an explanation:

It is that portion of the Bill of Rights (the part of the U.S. Constitution that is a human rights document, which outlines the inalienable rights of the people) that guarantees the legal right of citizens to defend themselves from criminals, including criminals in the government.

It reads, “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

This particular amendment is the key to all of the others, which is why it explicitly states that it “shall not be infringed.”

What is a militia?

This is often a point of confusion, especially for those who have no practical knowledge of American history. The answer is: If you are an armed citizen of the U.S., then you are the militia.

One way to gain practical knowledge of American history, if you’re an American, is to research your own family’s history in this country. Through my own genealogical research I learned that my great-great grandfather was a member of an organized militia in Kansas.

My ancestors founded a prosperous town on the frontier when Kansas was merely a territory (they were not part of the U.S.A., yet and began as a French territory). My family has a long history of gun ownership and gun sportsmanship because they needed to be able to shoot well to survive.

It’s probably hard for Europeans and city-dwellers to imagine, but there are large areas of the U.S. that are remote from the city and those of us who live in these areas cannot rely on local law enforcement when there is a problem. For example, I live an hour away from my county seat, over hill and dale. We don’t have a large sheriff’s department and when a deputy is dispatched in an emergency it may take 15 minutes to half an hour for him to arrive because he is coming from his own home – not a department office. If you see a rural home, especially one sitting in an isolated spot, you can bet that the owners are well-armed and prepared to defend themselves from intruders. This is one reason our crime rate is so low. Criminals go to places to commit crimes where they are less likely to be shot (usually large cities and other “gun free” zones).

My ancestors, concerned about the threat posed to the town’s safety by the Jesse James Gang, which was very active in the area at the time, held a meeting and decided to defend the town, especially the local bank. Fortunately, the James Gang never came into the town, perhaps knowing that my ancestors were armed and prepared to defend themselves. James was finally (allegedly) killed by a member of his own gang less than half an hour away.

Fully automatic weapons, called “assault rifles” by the military did not exist at that time. But, if the James Gang had had military assault rifles (like machine guns), then my ancestors would have needed these in order to defend themselves. This is an example of why there should be no restrictions of fully automatic weapons, now. If the enemy has high powered weapons, then you must have them, too, in order to defend yourself.
Black Magic – The Importance of the Black Magician’s Mindset

Black Magic is a form of aggressive self-defense. A black magician will first defend herself (or himself) by obscuring her identity and her location. She will lay down magic to confuse the enemy and drive him away from her door. She employs a variety of protective magical techniques to guard against evil spirits and evil people. She hides her activities and she uses spiritual informants to obtain intelligence about her enemies so she can take pre-emptive action before an attack occurs.

The practical witch realizes that she must, also, act in the physical world to obscure her identity and location by whatever means. This means keeping off social media, cleaning up leaked private information (if you have credit, a driver’s license or own property – your information is being stolen and publicized) and taking other practical steps like not receiving deliveries of any kind at your residence.

The practical witch hides her activities from any potential enemies. She keeps an ear to the ground. Her information about her surroundings not only comes from the spirits she employs, but from sources in the physical world, as well.

How to Apply Black Magic for Your Safety and Self-Defense

Always take appropriate action to secure your safety, both physically and metaphysically.

Do not reveal information to the enemy. Don’t let them know your location or the location of your valuables. Take steps to confuse the enemy wherever possible. Never give true information about yourself when you don’t have to.

After hiding yourself and confusing the enemy, the next thing you must do is refuse to bend to the wishes of anyone who tries to harm you. You have no obligation to assist criminals in harming you or anyone else, regardless of what authority they claim to have.

Authoritarianism is immoral. This is why witches and, in particular, Satanic witches lack reverence for authority or simply do not recognize it. There is no authority higher than yourself. Your “moral code” is within you. You know what is right and wrong and no one needs to tell you this – not a policeman, a judge, a priest, a god, a legislator or anyone else who would set themselves up as an authority figure of any kind.

You are under no obligation to obey illegal and immoral mandates. Furthermore, you have no obligation to assist those who wish to harm you.

War on Guns is War on Women; War on Women is War on Witches

The war on self-defense weapons is a war on women. And, any war on women is an extension of the war on witches that has been waged by establishment entities for centuries.

We have seen an attack from the extreme, religious right on women’s basic human rights, for example, attempting to redefine rape and force rape survivors to give birth to the offspring of their rapists through such things as “Personhood” bills, which disregard the humanity of girls and women. And, now we see an attack from the extreme left on women’s freedom, safety and autonomy by means of disarmament.

It’s true that simply owning a gun does not guarantee your safety. No intelligent person believes that it does. But, having a gun and knowing how to use it can be a deterrent to crime – especially the crimes of rape and stalking – and it gives you a chance where you would, otherwise, have no chance, at all.

In large U.S. cities, on college campuses and in countries where guns ownership is restricted or forbidden, the number of violent crimes is very high. Rates of homicide and other types of violent crimes, especially crimes against women, are significantly higher than they are in areas where gun ownership and the bearing of arms is unrestricted. This is why any attack on the 2nd Amendment is an attack on women’s autonomy and basic human right to exist in peace.

“What Part of ‘Shall Not Be Infringed’ Don’t They Understand?”

There is no such thing as a “reasonable restriction” on your fundamental, natural right to self defense.

Anyone who wants to restrict your human rights in anyway, whether it’s your bodily and reproductive autonomy or your natural right to self-defense is not your friend – they’re your enemy and you should treat them as such.

If you didn’t grow up with guns, make an effort to learn about them. Make friends with people who know about them and let them show you how to use them. Educate yourself about different types of firearms. Learn your own best options for home and personal protection in your particular circumstances. Do it now. Don’t wait for a threat to your safety to do this because if you do, it could be too late.

Copyright(©)LucifersGrotto 2013. All rights reserved.

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