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Witchcraft and the Occult: The Importance of Questioning All Authority

The floating lady looks real, but this is just an illusion.

The floating lady looks real, but this is just an illusion.

Witchcraft has long represented a rejection of authority. In the Western world, traditional witches have always stood outside authority, whether its religious state or other outside authorities. We scrutinize include conventional scientific, historical and medical authorities.

Anyone who grows up in a mind control cult and then manages to escape (please, see the previous article for the story of my escape from the Mormon cult) cannot help but question everything. It’s second nature. When you grow up as a child around adult authority figures who regularly lie to themselves and others, you can never quite believe anything you’re told. And you become suspicious of anyone who sets themselves up as an authority – and you should be suspicious.

The television media, for example, want to be the only media. For years they’ve tried to demonize bloggers and the internet, again, using ridicule and either not understanding or capitalizing on the ignorance of others about what the internet is and how it works.

The internet is truly the medium of the people. Because it lacks the trappings of big money and fame that big media like CNN and FOX offer, it attracts people who are genuinely interested in sharing information for information’s sake, which is the purpose of an internet from the beginning. Moreover, the internet is a faster, cheaper and more authentic form of communication.

Unlike the television, the internet facilitates two-way communication, which means people – most often complete strangers – can share ideas.

Faith in the Cult of the Television Media

Faith is the belief in things without any evidence or proof of their existence.

It is foolish, not to mention dangerous, to believe in things without any evidence. People who do risk their families, their money and sometimes their lives.

But, there are more types of cults than just religious ones. The television media are an example of a type of cult. The cult leaders are the familiar faces you see that bring you the “news” and commentary. They are the priesthood of the gods of Hollywood and servants and handmaidens of the god of the state.

Like religious cult members, people who have faith in the big media cult have difficulty communicating with people outside the cult. They have a language of their own. And, when they are presented with information that is outside that authorized by the cult, they reject it. Sometimes they reject it by ignoring the messenger and sometimes they abuse him or her, as those of us who have tried to break the Sandy Hook spell have widely experienced.

Authority and Illusion

With television and mainstream media, Illusionists and Authority meet to form an alliance of mass deception.

With television and mainstream media, Illusionists and Authority meet to form an alliance of mass deception.

The mainstream media cult is particularly insidious because it gives the illusion of having seen something, coupled with authority.

The mainstream media are like the jugglers of the Middle Ages, they use the power of illusion, not only to entertain but to deceive and sometimes to defraud. Many innocent people have been hurt by their most recent big hoax, particularly law-abiding citizens who have been blamed by the media for the events of the hoax that they themselves obviously perpetrated

Some people have theorized that the Sandy Hook Hoax was meant to be unraveled, as if the hoaxers want to be seen – as if they are challenging us. I don’t know if that is true, but I do know that Sandy Hook is the big one. It’s the one that has made millions and millions of people look and question the authority of the mainstream media.

To believe in the lies of the mainstream media is to believe the work of sleight-of-hand artists is real magic.

But, in the world of witchcraft, we are skeptical. We experiment. We research. And, we look for evidence.

Television and Mainstream Media Vs. Reality and Real Life

If you want to understand what’s going on in the world, the first thing to do is turn off the television, cancel your subscription and stop reading mainstream news papers, because they’ve been caught lying consistently. To believe anything they say is to have faith in illusionists who create events and then, after the fact, call it news.

To break the spell, start listening to the real people around you. Let them tell you what’s going on in their lives, what they’ve experienced and what they have witnessed.

Look deeper. Do your own research into everything that is presented to you. And, keep researching with an open mind, prepared to discard information if it proves false.

To be an occultist and to know the truth about witchcraft and the real nature of the world we live in means leaving behind faith, lies and the people who insist on believing in them.

Copyright(©) LucifersGrotto 2013. All rights reserved.

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