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Joseph Smith and the Mormons : Witchcraft and Occultism in Mormonism

Image of Joseph Smith, Jr., the ceremonial magician and founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known as The Mormons.Image of Joseph Smith, Jr., the ceremonial magician and founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known as The Mormons.

The Mormon Church, also known as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is steeped in the occult and its founder, Joseph Smith, was a practitioner of witchcraft and a black magician who used his knowledge and abilities for nefarious purposes. As an occult researcher, the Mormons are a part of the foundation of my own life-long interest in the subject of witchcraft and occultism, including black magic.

I formally escaped the cult in the early 1980s. I don’t use the word “escape” lightly because this is not an organization that simply lets members walk away without a struggle. In fact, there are people who are being stalked all across the country by members of this organization who, undoubtedly, have connections to Federal agencies because of their ability to track both members and ex-members.

Mormons are highly sought after by the CIA and FBI because of their deeply conditioned obedience to authority. When I attended BYU, the fact that the CIA recruited on campus was a source of great pride to Mormons who naively believe they were being sought out for their “high moral character.”

It is only fair to note that most practicing Mormons know nothing of the occult origins of Mormonism. Mormons do not consider the beings associated with the alleged discovery of the treasure of the golden plates to be in any way demonic. Most of them do not know the full story of what led up to this alleged event. Nor do they associate the mystical practices of the early Mormons with witchcraft, although any occultist and any ordinary variety of Christian would certainly recognize them as such.


Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s book, A Study in Scarlet, depicts the dangers of life am ong the Mormons.

The modern Mormon Church is very mystical and still engages in practices similar to those found in modern witchcraft cults like Wicca. In fact, a surprising number of Mormon women become Wiccans after leaving the Mormon Church because of the similarities of ritual and belief in a “mother in heaven” who is the wife of “god the father.” Another reason for their attraction to Wicca is that Mormonism is deeply misogynistic, so many women find psychological and spiritual healing in Wicca and in the practice of witchcraft, in general.

The average Mormon does not lack integrity and when they learn the truth, they are usually horrified at what they have gotten themselves and their children involved in. When members begin acquiring such knowledge, usually through the study of the organization’s history, most shortly thereafter become ex-members. Although, a great number remain trapped in the organization because of family and employment ties.

Joseph Smith and Witchcraft

Joseph Smith, Jr. was the founder of Mormonism, which originated in New York, near Palmyra in the 1820s and 1830s. This was about the same time that Maggie and Kate Fox, aka ” the Fox Sisters,” the founders of the Spiritualist Movement, began hearing mysterious rappings. In fact, this occurred only a few miles away from the area in which young Joseph Smith lived. So, you could say that witchcraft and the supernatural were sort of in the air there.

Historically, Joseph Smith’s family was no stranger to the belief in witchcraft. Although this was not uncommon, especially in 17th century Salem, Massachusetts, which is where some of Smith’s ancestors came from. In fact, it was the testimony of Joe Smith Sr.’s great-grandfather, Samuel Smith that led to the death of, at least, one innocent young girl in Salem. (Frederic G. Mather, “The Early Days of Mormonism,” Lippincott’s Magazine 26, Aug. 1880, p. 198).

Treasure Hunting and Joseph Smith’s Jupiter Talisman

Both Joseph Smith, Jr. and Joseph Smith Sr. were avid treasure hunters. They were, also, ceremonial magicians who engaged in rituals, scrying and divination. Smith used a talisman and invoked spirits that are very familiar to many modern witches and students of the occult today.

Please, see the following video:

Joseph Smith’s Demonic Treasure Hunting Expeditions

Joseph Smith’s Jupiter Talisman

An image of the Jupiter Talisman (Seal of Jupiter) taken off the body of Joseph Smith when he was shot dead in an attempt to escape the Carthage Jail in Carthage, Missouri

What is the Jupiter Talisman?

A Jupiter Talisman, also called the Seal of Jupiter or the Jupiter Pentacle, is a talisman representing the influences of Jupiter: Success, money, power in the world and power over women. Jupiter’s influence is one of expansion and greatness. The talisman aides the magician in finding treasure and the one who carries it has the power to make others love him and give him whatever he asks for.

This talisman seems to have worked very well for Smith, who almost seems to have made a Faustian pact with the spirits, given the violent and untimely nature of his death. The talisman brought him power, money and success. In 1842, he became the mayor of the City of Nauvoo, Illinois and his followers remained loyal to him despite all the evidence of fraud.

One of the Jupiter Talisman’s abilities is to bestow power over women and to make others give you whatever you ask of them. It is not known exactly how many wives he had, although 31 are documented. Two of them (Nancy Winchester and Helen Mar Kimball, daughter of Heber C. Kimball) were only 14-years old, at least one of whom he pretended to adopt as his own daughter. Some of his wives were married to other men, who according to Smith’s doctrines, have the right to give them to other men, if they wish. (See The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Genealogical Library record for Joseph Smith, Jr. and his wives) – (Update: Upon this date, July 25, 2012, the author of this article learned that the LDS Genealogical Library at ancestry.com has recently removed information about Smith’s child-wives. This information can still be found at: http://www.WivesofJosephSmith.org.)

Click the following link to read: “A Widow’s Tale: 1884-1896 Diary of Helen Mar” by Kimball Whitney, Charles M. Hatch and Todd M. Compton, publilshed by Utah State University Press Publications, January 1, 2003.

When Smith was killed in an attempt to escape the Carthage, Missouri jail, it is alleged that a silver-colored Jupiter Talisman identical to the silver Seal of Jupiter found in Francis Barrett’s book, “The Magus” and Cornelius Agrippa’s “Three Books of Occult Philosophy,” which will be familiar to many modern occultists, particularly students of ceremonial magic, was found on his body. According to his wife, Emma Smith, he carried this talisman with him at all times.

There is more to making this talisman work for you than just carrying it. The spirits associated with Jupiter must be invoked at the appropriate astrological hour. It must be conducted during the day or hour Jupiter. It is probably, also, helpful to conduct such a ceremony during either the waxing or full moon. Different Hermetic organizations, grimoires and individual magicians employ different but similar methods in invoking the spirits, which must be done regularly to increase the talisman’s power.

For readers who are unfamiliar with the medieval grimoire of Agrippa, which Smith must have had more than passing familiarity with, it contains information about the use of gemstones and herbs and their use in witchcraft. The information in this and similar books is used in the conjuration of angels, including fallen angels, demonic entities and elemental thought forms. Not only are there planetary talismans, but seals used in ceremonies to call upon high ranking fallen angels whom we occultists regard as separate and distinct entities, but which Christians generally regard as one entity known as “the devil” or “Satan.”

Some of these entities are able to grant supernatural powers to the conjurer and quite a few of them are able to tell the magician where to dig for buried treasure. Some of the entities from such grimoires have names like “Lucifer” and “Beelzebub.”

In other words, this practice is at odds with all of Christianity for, at least, the past 1,700 years. These books involve dark magic and are often unfamiliar to or unused even by some witches, especially Wiccans who eschew all forms of black magic. So, even among those of us who live and breathe in the world of the occult, some of the material in these books is considered off limits because it is associated with the Dark Arts.

Interestingly, some occult jewelers who sell this talisman to modern witches and ceremonial magicians advertise it as “Joseph Smith’s Talisman.” So, this is a selling point to many occultists.

Joseph Smith's Jupiter Talisman

Joseph Smith’s Jupiter Talisman

At the right of this segment is believed to be a photograph of the very same article taken from Smith’s Body. It is the obverse side of Cornelius Agrippas Seal of Jupiter. Note the Kabbalistic Hebrew lettering.

The practice of carrying talismans was continued by Smith’s successor to the Mormon presidency, Brigham Young. Young is said to have carried a special bloodstone with him whenever he was going into an unknown and potentially difficult situation. Among other things, bloodstone is used by occultists to obtain the power of invisibility.

The talisman’s power is still working its magic over the members of the church. This is a very materialistic religion concerned with personal and spiritual power over others, particularly over women.

Members are promised success if they pay their tithes. In Mormonism, a tithe is 10% of annual gross income, which is required to attain access to the Mormon Temple and the ceremonial rites, which promises Mormons success in the afterlife.

Mormonism is an inter-generational mind control cult. But, on a spiritual level, it is more than that. The members of the Mormon Church are under a very dark spell cast by a 19th century black magician and held in place by mystics and masters of psychology today.

The Summoning of Moroni

Mormons believe that Smith was shown the location of the golden plates, which he translated into “The Book of Mormon,” a sort of “second bible” for Mormons, with the help of the angel Moroni.

Moroni is similar to the spirits of the old Medieval grimoires in that he has specific times during which he can be contacted. The conjuration of Moroni is said to be accomplished successfully at his appointed hours, the Autumn Equinox, best known to occultist and especially neo-pagans as Mabon, September 21-22.

Grant Palmer Interview Re: Magical Toads and Joseph Smith

Shapeshifters, Toads and Bloody Spanish Ghosts

There are conflicting, although equally bizarre tales, regarding the discovery of the golden plates.

Many historians claim there is even more to the story of Joseph Smith finding his golden treasure. The location of this buried treasure was revealed to him in a dream. A Spanish-looking ghost with the appearance of a Conquistador with a cut throat, dripping with blood appeared to him in a dream and revealed the location.

When he went to retrieve the treasure he was unable to do so because it was guarded by a toad that shape-shifted into a man and forbade him from touching the treasure. It took him 2 to 3 years to overcome this obstacle.

The shape-shifting toad or other type of reptile is, of course, a familiar fixture in witchcraft and demonology. No doubt Christians will remember their own Biblical story about what happened the last time someone talked to reptile and received a gift from him in a certain garden.

Images of Smith’s Seer Stone and His Method of Scrying

Scrying: The Seer Stones, Peep Stones and the Urim and Thummim

Smith told his followers that “god” gave him the power to translate the golden plates. The procedure he used to obtain his “translation” is called scrying. Typically, scrying is the process of looking into a crystal ball, a specially prepared magic mirror, an obsidian mirror, a bowl of water or complete darkness in order to stimulate the power of second sight.

Smith’s method was to toss a seer stone, which was probably prepared through prayers and conjurations to spirits who help the conjurer to have visions, into a hat. This particular device was alleged to be a chocolate-colored, egg-shaped stone, which he had found on one occasion while digging. He would put his face into the hat and begin his “translation” while his magical assistant Oliver Cowdrey took down his words.

Similar procedures to this will be familiar to occultists in the pairing of Aleister Crowley with his Scarlet Woman and Queen Elizabeth’s court astrologer John Dee and his scryer, Edward Kelley, who gave us the Enochian tablets and their corresponding angels.

Smith and his followers tried to equate this procedure with a device from the Old Testament called the Urim and Thummim, claiming that the angel Moroni gave him two seer stones, which were designed for this purpose by god.

Since no actual translation took place, it seems likely that Smith used a technique similar to automatic writing to come up with the Book of Mormon. Passages are strangely and poorly worded and sometimes unnecessarily repetitious in a pattern that he may have used to try to mimic the literary style of the Old Testament (I’m familiar with this because I studied the Old Testament thoroughly in a college course.) Those occultists familiar with the Ordo Templi Orientalis, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and similar occult organizations will quickly recognize some of the most common terminology used in the Book of Mormon.

For example, the term Nephite is obviously “Neophyte.” In Mormonism, Nephites are the “white and delightsome” (this wording in the Book of Mormon has been altered in recent years because of its racist overtones) race of people in the Americas who are God’s favored people. In occult organizations, a “Neophyte” is a lower degree initiate. This is what Smith, himself, was believed to be as a mason – a lower degree initiate.

The term Lamanite is recognizable as a derivative of either “laymen” or “Lamen.” In Mormonism, Lamanites are the dark-skinned, evil people who are representatives of Satan on Earth who killed all but one of the Nephites named Moroni, whose story is at the center of the fictional Book of Mormon. The masonic term for those who are not members of their organization are called “laymen.” Masonic history is full of stories about battles between masons (neophytes) and laymen. The Book of Mormon is a story of a battle between good, godly white Nephites and dark-complected, evil Lamanites.

Occultists will recognize “Lamen” as the name for a special medallion that functions as an energetic storehouse for ceremonial magicians and helps to them to bridge their connection to the spirits. It is, also, used in secret societies so that one member will recognize another. In Mormonism, the Temple Garments or Holy Underwear perform a similar function in that they allow members to recognize other members in good standing.

The name Mormon appears to be related to the Greek god Mormo. According to Anton LaVey, in The Satanic Bible, Mormo is the “King of the Ghouls, consort of Hecate.” In Greek mythology, Mormo was a spirit who bit bad children, said to have been a companion of the goddess Hecate. (Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mormo)

Throughout the book of Mormon are other strange references to the proceedings of occult orders. These things would not have been known by the public and those in Masonic orders were sworn to secrecy on penalty of death just as Mormons were until 1991. So, Smith’s fraud would seem impenetrable. But, in the late 19th century, the rituals of such orders were all exposed by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and anyone can go and read about them for themselves and compare them to the rituals of the church and the terms used in the Book of Mormon.

When I was a member of this organization, the Umim and Thummim was a point of minor discussion and something that many members wondered about, because it seemed unclear. But, no one bothered to actually research this minor detail because it didn’t seem like a major point.

According to numerous researchers there were multiple seer stones and Smith’s family, who were all involved in witchcraft, commonly carried carried and used such stones, even keeping them in little pouches or “mojo bags” that would be very familiar to modern witches.

A number of people, including modern witnesses report seeing these peep stones:

“The stone was not chocolate brown but rather the color of brown sugar. It was 3-4 inches long, 2 inches wide, and had a hump in the middle which made it perhaps 2 inches thick at the thickest point. It was fiat on the bottom and had three black, concentric circles on the top 1/2 inch. Below the circles were many small black circles. The stone was not transparent.” (Mary Brown Firmage interview with Richard S. Van Wagoner, 11 Aug 1986. Van Wagoner papers, Marriott Library)

Historian Grant Palmer claims to have seen three such seer stones, kept in a vault at the office of the First Presidency (This is the office of the Mormon Prophet and his two highest advisors). He described the first one as “milk chocolate, like a baseball no stripes;” the second one as a.”shiny or polished stone, [with] stripes, dark brown – size between egg and handball;” and the third as simply a “small stone.”

The above descriptions are hardly in accordance with what one would expect the Umim and Thummim, the gemstones from the breastplate of an Egyptian Pharaoh, to look like!

But, clearly, if Smith received translations and revelations in this way, it may honestly be said by occultists that he spoke with the power of god as we understand this force as the Tetragrammaton, the 4 and 5 elements, the 72 names of god, which are both angels and demons.

But, this complex god concept is not easily equated to the fairly simple concept of god generally held by Christians, who see “Him” as a benevolent anthropomorphic being. From the perspective of any Christian, Smith was a witch who communicated with spirits who were most decidedly not “of the Lord” and therefore of the devil or Satan.

Temple Veil Worker Reveals Abuses and Secrets in Mormon Temples

The Temple Ceremony

In Mormonism there are “wards,” which are regular churches and then there are temples. Churches are for ordinary services and meetings. But, only certain members are permitted to enter the temples.

The Endowment Ceremony is one of the most telling and bizarre aspects of Mormonism. It is in this ceremony that only worthy Mormons who have paid their tithes and are living clean lifestyles, no extra or pre-marital relations, coffee, tea or alcohol consumption, etc., are allowed to participate in. It is in this ceremony that they receive their Temple Garments, known to the outside world as Holy Underwear.

The Endowment Ceremony is similar to the rituals performed by Wiccan covens, non-Wiccan witch covens that have initiatory rites, The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the Rosicrucians and other similar types of organizations. The Church vehemently denies that the rituals are derived from free masonry, although they are nearly identical right down to the green apron.

It is, also, widely known that Smith was a free mason, although in the 1980s (when I was still a member), this was vehemently denied and members were discouraged from learning anything about the masons. This has changed in recent years and there is a more open relationship between the Mormons and the free masons, although the reason for the change is not clear. Quite possibly it is because the internet information age has made it impossible for them to keep some of their most embarrassing secrets.

The ceremony involves the washing and anointing of every body part you have while you are in a state of undress. At least, this is how it was when I was a member. The rituals are changed frequently, especially in the past few years as their Blood Oaths became the subject of public controversy.

These ceremonies have a truly Satanic feel. Many of us witches do not join covens because some orders engage in similar practices. Most Mormons have no idea what they’re in for when they go to these things. At least, my parents had no idea that they were being inducted, bum rush-style, into a cult with distinct Satanic overtones. The procedure is traumatizing, sometimes sexually traumatizing for Mormons who have been conditioned to extreme sexual repression and told “Let no one touch your body” except your husband or wife. Furthermore, sexual assault survivors and survivors of SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse – See “Pace Memo” below) are often triggered by the sexual nature of the ceremony.

Anyone who has studied occult initiations thoroughly knows that trauma, including sexual trauma is sometimes employed in order to open up certain spiritual doorways in the mind of the initiate. These initiations are repeated as the initiate proceeds down the path of knowledge and spiritual enlightenment. Sexual and psychological trauma is, also, a fixture of the MK-Ultra Mind Control program.

Also, in organizations like the masons and the Mormons, it binds the initiate to the organization, not only through the swearing of oaths and allegiances, the giving of secret handshakes and spiritual names. All of these things, including handshakes and “sacred” names are given to the neophyte in the initial Endowment Ceremony.

Ex-Mormon Describes the Temple Endowment Ceremony

The Temple Garments or “Holy Underwear”

Mormon “holy underwear” or, as they are affectionately referred to by members, “garmies” is a special item of clothing with sacred markings on it.

They are more formally known as “temple garments” and they are only received by members who are deemed worthy enough to attend the temple and participate in its rites and ceremonies.

All Mormons in good standing who have gone through the temple must wear these garments at all time to protect them from evil influences and physical harm.

CBS 60 Minutes with Mike Wallace Re: Holy Mormon Underwear

Why do Mormons wear these silly-looking garments?

They are worn as a protection from evil, not only the sin of doing something forbidden by the doctrines, but from actual physical misfortune. It was said among the Mormons I knew as a member that the garments would protect you in case of a disaster. For example, if a fire were to break out while you were sleeping, you would not be burned on any part of your body the garments cover.

In the video to the right, you will see Mike Wallace interviewing Bill Marriott of the Marriott Hotel chain and other high ranking Mormons about the ability of Mormon magical underwear to protect the wearer from physical harm.

Former Temple Veil Worker Speaks About Rituals & Garments

Mormons wear these garments close to their skin, which is typical for magical items. As witches, if we want to absorb and project the energy of something we wear it under our clothes so it touches our skin. This is exactly how Mormon garments are worn. Some people wear these garments instead of normal underwear, but women, in particular, must wear them under their normal under garments. As you might imagine, this looks very strange and unattractive.

The “garmies” have certain symbols on them. This is what Mormons are told they mean:

Square is for being true or righteous.

Compass is the truth can be circumscribed in one eternal whole.

Navel mark is a reminder of the need for continual spiritual nourishment.

Knee mark is every knee will bend and every tongue confess that Jesus is the Christ.

The actual purpose of these garments and the influence of their marks will likely be readily apparent to anyone familiar with Eastern occultism. The two marks on the chest and the one on the right knee are over minor chakra centers. The navel chakra is a major energy center with energy flowing in and out of it, tinged by these occult markings. This is the spiritual aspect of the mind control and part of the spell placed on those who participate in Temple rites. All of the spiritual nourishment they take in and expel into the environment is influenced by these symbols and whatever spell has been placed over them.

Mormon Hymn Expressing a Longing for Kolob

Luciferianism and Kolob

One of the most intriguing aspects of Mormonism to the occultist is that it is thoroughly Luciferian in its belief that men (although, not so much women) can become as gods: “As man is now, god once was. As god is now, man may become.”

This is the goal of all witches and magicians. We take on the power of the gods and transform ourselves through them and through knowledge. We seek the light of the illuminated consort of the goddess. It is through the wisdom of the gods is a gift given to us by Lucifer, the Morning Star and bringer of Light, we can attain godhood if not in this life, then in another one.

The Mormons have gone so far as to say that men who achieve godhood will be assigned their own planet and the ability to create more worlds like the physical earth existence we know now. In this “heaven for men” they call the Celestial Kingdom, men are given many wives who remain eternally pregnant in order to provide children for these new planets. It is important to note that this is still a doctrine of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints despite their attempts to distance themselves from Fundamentalist Mormons like the convicted child rapist Warren Jeffs.

Presently, the Mormon god dwells on (or “near,” according to one of their missionaries who haplessly wandered into my occult bookstore a few years ago) a planet called Kolob.

Mormonism: Ritual Abuse Induced D.I.D. (Dissociative Identity Disorder)

The Pace Memo: Ritual Abuse in Mormon Temple

On July 19, 1990 one of the Mormon General Authorities sent out a memo to the “Strengthening Church Members Committee,” which is the modern Danite or FBI wing of the LDs, which was never supposed to be seen by the public or by the general membership of the LDS church. In the memo, which you see at the bottom of the page at the link given below, he states that he is aware of “sixty” victims of “ritualistic child abuse” within the Mormon church. Most of the victims were women and girls.

The Pace Memos: http://www.utlm.org/newsletters/no80.htm

Quote from Pace’s memo: “I don’t pretend to know how prevalent the problem is. All I know is that I have met with 60 victims. Assuming each one comes from a coven of 13, we are talking about the involvement of 800 or so right here on the Wasatch Front. Obviously, I have only seen those coming forth to get help. They are in their twenties and thirties for the most part. I can only assume that it is expanding geometrically and am horrified the numbers represented by the generation who are now children and teenagers.”

My Personal Experience:

The abuse of women and children in the church is the modern living legacy of Joseph Smith. The only encounter I ever had with a person who had D.I.D. (Dissociative Identity Disorder), which is usually caused by severe, ritualized child sex abuse, often called SRA or Satanic Ritual Abuse, was at Brigham Young University.

This woman had 2 distinct personalities with different names and different modes of dress. One was more assertive and normal than the other and this personality knew about the main one. But, the main one didn’t know about it until a tragedy occurred that caused her to go to a therapist. There, she learned about herself what I had known for a while. She had multiple personality disorder, now called D.I.D. One of her personalities was definitely not a Mormon, the other was a “Molly Mormon” (ideal Mormon or True Blue Believer), who went on to serve a mission. I never knew what happened to her.

When I discovered the fraud in the cult, I wrote her a letter telling her of my discovery. But, as a good Mormon, she could not talk to me because I was now an “apostate” (term’s usage is very hostile in Mormon parlance and is equivalent to “SP” or “Suppressive Person” in Scientology) and she never wrote me back. This is one of my many horror-filled Mormon memories.

There are more details about this story, but they would be too revealing or personally identifying. It seems extraordinary to me that I would have met even one such person since I was at BYU for less than one semester before leaving in absolute terror because of the rash of extremely violent rapes on my closest circle of friends.

There is a very high level of mental illness and prescription drug abuse among women in the church who are treated like sex objects and cattle.

Other Elements of Witchcraft and Occultism in Mormonism

There is so much more to say with regard to Mormonism past and present and the occult, but describing it and my take on it could take up a thick book. For example, there are Bee Hive groups for girls, which I was forced into when my mother first joined. Bee goddesses go back to Babylon. One of the best known is the goddess Artemis, whose priestesses were called “bees” in Greek, however, the Mormon version of this is deeply misogynistic.

Also, there is occult symbolism related to alchemy and ancient Babylonian gods on the remains of the Nauvoo, Illinois Temple. I saw these for the first time when I was very young and they seemed like a ray of hope to me, for reasons I could not explain at the time. But, they are symbols of power and to any witch or magician represent the ultimate freedom.

There’s, also, a fortunetelling ritual that is given only by Mormon men. Women, who are natural witches and diviners are not permitted to do much of anything except shut up and breed. But, men give a psychic reading called the “Patriarchal Blessing,” to certain members. I never received one of these because the perversion in the Church creeped me out severely and I was considered a rebel.

On the Mistreatment of Girls and Women in LDS Organization

The Abusive Treatment of Women and Girls in Mormonism

There is a broad range of abuses against girls and women in Mormonism that range from the chronic to the egregious. Egregious abuses include overt sexual abuse, the covering up of such abuses, the perpetuating of them and the doctrine of polygamy, which – despite their denials – is still practiced in the temple.

The chronic abuse of girls begins when they are very young. They are taught that their only purpose is to please mean, to procreate and to obey priesthood holders. As girls become older, they are seen as sexual objects and subjected to absurd clothing regulations that include being covered at all times from the lower part of the neck to the elbow and to the top of the knees. If you fail to adhere to them, as I did, girls are psychologically and psychosexually abused by members of the church.

Girls and women are expected to, essentially, be slaves. They are not considered whole people and cannot achieve salvation without the help of a man. The home life of women in the church is archaic and misogynistic. Within the organization, women are denied the priesthood and other opportunities in the church and their defense for this is that they are adhering to the will of god. They, also, point to the fact that Christianity and other similar religions (Islam, for example) oppress and discriminate against women, too.

Some members of the church, especially high ranking ones receive something called the “second anointing.” This is by invitation only and most LDS members don’t know it exists. Men who receive this second anointing are assured the highest place in heaven, regardless of what they do, short of murder. They are granted godhood and priesthood in this lifetime during the second anointing, which takes place inside the temple. It represents another degree of initiation as this term is understood in masonry and initiatory witchcraft traditions, and brings the chosen one deeper into the core of the organization. The fact that many men in the church literally believe they are gods to their wives, to their children and to other mere mortals creates a perfect environment for abuses of all kinds, especially of women and girls.

On Survival and the Difficulty of Moving On

Critics of survivors often accuse us of exaggerating our experience, engaging in “Mormon bashing” or tell us to just “forget about it and move on.” But, the Mormon experience is one that involves years and years of lies, coercion and abuse for most of us and you can’t simply “move on” or “forget” something like that. Trying to warn others about this organization is hardly “Mormon bashing” and, as you can see from many of the things I’ve mentioned above, it is no exaggeration to call Mormonism a coercive cult or to say that is founded in the occult and because of this, necessarily involves a great deal of lies and deceit.

You can leave this organization, you can physically escape them, but the damage is done and your trust of other people, organizations and certainly religion is usually destroyed beyond repair. The trauma of this experience never leaves, it lies dormant at times, only to return again like a recurring waking nightmare.

The recent discussion about the possibility of a Mormon U.S. President has reawakened a lot of trauma and pain in survivors, but it is, also, helping to blow the lid off the secrecy and abuses inherent in Mormonism and this is a good thing. I can feel the change in people’s awareness about this online. The truth will out! And, it is my hope that the truth will set more people free and help those of us who have survived this ordeal to feel less isolated and alienated.

A large number of those who escape Mormonism become atheists of one kind or another like myself. A few somehow manage to retain their faith in Christianity – this seems especially true of those who really believed themselves to be Christians as members of the church and then discover the truth about it.

I support all of those who leave Mormonism and choose to go in any direction because anything (except another coercive cult) is a healthier option for them and their families. Furthermore, I feel that my observations about the occultism in Mormonism supports what some of Mormonisms most fervent critics (Christians, especially ex-members who are now Christians) say about it.

It is important that any benevolent organization should be honest with its members and not do a bait-and-switch operation once they are more deeply committed, which is largely what the Temple Endowment Ceremony represents because it is at this point that they must swear oaths and learn the more bizarre secrets of the organization. The members are pretty deep in by this point because they can only get there if they pay all their tithes and adhere to a long list of other requirements. The Mormon Church exhibits the same mastery of psychology as we see in other cults like Scientology, they know which members are difficult or “rebels” and which ones are easy marks. They sociopathically choose their victims and psycho-sexually abuse those who are rebels, as I was.

If the Mormon “authorities,” who certainly know the truth about this organization, were honest about Mormonism, it would be a slightly more respectable organization. But, they will never tell the truth about it because, in fact, it is a very Satanic organization in that its standards and values are in opposition to those of decent people and its founder was an excellent example of a very successful black magician.

In conclusion, I would like to say that this organization is responsible for destroying and marring the lives of many people. Mine has been forever changed for good or evil by my contact with this extremely nefarious organization. I was a child of 11 years of age when the Mormons were sent to our rural country home by a friend of the family who had recently converted to Mormonism. I would probably have been better off if my mother had joined the Church of Satan, which, in a way, she did.

Exposed! The Secret Mormon General Handbook of Instructions

Click the link below to read the book the Mormon “authorities” don’t want you to read. It was exposed by none other than WikiLeaks! Thank you, Julian Assange.

Mormons consider those who discover their fraud, who won’t take their abuses and who seek to expose their fraud to the world to be “apostates.” To the rest of the English-speaking world this world simply means one who refutes a position or doctrine. But, to Mormons, who are so severely brain-washed that they accept whatever ridiculous thing they are told by the church without question, the term is equated with adulterer, murder, rapist and child molester – which is really ironic if you read about their violent and sexually perverse history.

The Mormons have maintained a protocol of coercive and intimidating behaviors they use against those who want to leave the organization or ex-members who get too much public attention. Now, you can see it for yourself!

Link: http://www.scribd.com/doc/50503206/LDS-Church-Handbook-of-Instructions-Vol-1-2010

Exceprt from the above document, regarding unbelievers or apostates:

From pages 89-90:

“…10. Church Discipline…”

“…Purposes of Church Discipline …”

“The purposes of Church discipline are (1) to save the souls of transgressors, (2) to protect the innocent, and (3) to safeguard the purity, integrity, and good name of the Church. These purposes are accomplished through private counsel and caution, informal probation, formal probation, disfellowshipment, and excommunication (see pages 93-95).

” …Protect the Innocent..”

“The second purpose of Church discipline is to protect the innocent. With inspiration, a priesthood leader should act to protect Church members when a transgressor poses a physical or spiritual threat to them, such as by physical harm, sexual abuse, drug misuse, fraud, or apostasy (see Alma 5:59-60). …”

Comment: Note that “apostasy” is conflated with physical harm, sexual abuse, drug misuse and fraud!

Interestingly, the cult of Scientology, also, uses this word in a derogatory way toward those who escape their cult. They use similar tactics, such as shunning and separating families, against survivors who try to tell people what has happened to them.

Mormon Doctrine Advocates Shunning and Murder of those Who Discover Their Fraud

Mormon History and the writings of the Mormon prophets, whom the Mormons believe speak directly to their god, are full of stories of sexual perversion and violence. To protect their power and their secrets they advocated the death of of those of us who discover the truth and want out or dare to speak the truth. The early church had a group of assassins called the Danites. The Modern LDS version of this organization is the “Committee on Strengthening the Members,” which is comprised of people within the FBI and CIA.

“I say, rather than that apostates should flourish here, I will unsheath [sic] my bowie knife, and conquer or die [Great commotion in the congregation, and a simultaneous burst of feeling, assenting to the declaration.]. Now, you nasty apostates, clear out, or judgment will be put to the line, and righteousness to the plummet [Voices, generally, ‘go it, go it.’]. If you say it is right, raise your hands [All hands up.]. Let us call upon the Lord to assist us in this, and every good work.”

Prophet Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses, v. 1, p. 83; online at http://journals.mormonfundamentalism.org/Vol_01/refJDvol1-16.html

“This is loving your neighbour as ourselves; if he needs help, help him; and if he wants salvation and it is necessary to spill his blood on the earth in order that he may be saved, spill it.”

– Prophet Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses, v. 4, p. 220

“If men turn traitors to God and His servants, their blood will surely be shed, or else they will be damned, and that too according to their covenants.”

Apostle Heber C. Kimball, Journal of Discourses, v. 4, p. 375

“The Mormons believe in blood atonement. It is taught by the leaders, and believed by the people, that the Priesthood are inspired and cannot give a wrong order. It is the belief of all that I ever heard talk of these things – and I have been with the Church since the dark days in Jackson County – that the authority that orders is the only responsible party and the Danite who does the killing only an instrument, and commits no wrong…. Punishment by death is the penalty for refusing to obey the orders of the Priesthood.”

“I knew of many men being killed in Nauvoo by the Danites. It was then the rule that all the enemies of the Prophet Joseph should be killed, and I know of many a man who was quietly put out of the way by the orders of Joseph and his apostles while the Church was there. It has always been a well understood doctrine of the Church that it is right and praiseworthy to kill every person who speaks evil of the Prophet. This doctrine was strictly lived up to in Utah…”

– Elder John D. Lee, Brigham Young’s adopted son and member of the Danites, John D. Lee Diaries

Mormons regard those of us who discover their fraud to be diseased and the presence of darkness itself, which is why I am often directly referred to as “Satan” or “The Adversary” by Mormons.

Remember: when you see the bitter apostate, you do not see only an absence of light, you see also the presence of darkness. Do not spread disease germs.”

– Apostle Boyd K. Packer, “The Mantle is Far, Far Greater Than the Intellect,” speech given August 1981 at BYU, Brigham Young University Studies, Summer 1981; available online at http://www.xmission.com/~country/reason/mantle.htm and http://www.mormonismi.net/kirjoitukset/bkp_mantteli.shtml

“Defectors became a kind of bogey to haunt all inhabitants of the Mormon Kingdom. Without vigilance and strength of character they [other members], like the defectors, could become overwhelmed by the baseness of their character and, thus, open to Satan’s enticements. In this way blame was shifted from the Kingdom to the individual defector. More importantly, dissent was portrayed as the outward sign of personal weakness and sin. Dissent, therefore, could no more be tolerated than sin itself. This attitude within the Kingdom militated against any legitimate expression of doubt. There was no loyal opposition within the Kingdom of God. As no dissent from orthodox opinion was allowed, either the inhabitant accepted it or he was compelled to withdraw.”

Gordon D. Pollock, “In Search for Security: The Mormons and the Kingdom of God on Earth, 1830-1844,” p. 22-23, Ph.D dissertation, Queen’s University, 1977

As you can see from the above quotes from their own leaders and histories, Mormons are really full of the love and light of Jesus Christ.

Support On-line for Mormon Cult Survivors

Here are a few places ex-members can go to remember that they are not alone.

http://www.exmormon.org – very old discussion board, wade in carefully if you post here, don’t use your own name or any personally identifying information. It is an excellent discussion board, but it is heavily trolled.

http://www.postmormon.org – this group has conferences in the Salt Lake City area for survivors


http://www.mormoninfo.org this is a site for ex-Mormon Christians. I have no experience with it, but it looks like a good place to get for support for people who still identify as Christians after leaving the cult

http://www.MormonZeitgeist.com – This site contains the story of a man’s difficult journey out of the LDS church, the harassment campaign perpetrated against him and what he discovered about the organization.

Excellent BBC Documentary on Mormonism and Mitt Romney from 2012

The video below is fairly recent. It is a BBC documentary that is very well done. Because it’s British, it seems to take a fairly objective view of Mormonism in America from the perspective of someone who has no vested interest in the subject one way or the other.

At about the mid-point of the video, you will see a very revealing interview with Mitt Romney’s second cousin. This is a really good presentation. I’ve watched it more than once because I am very impressed by it and strangely comforted by seeing the truth come out and there is nothing stranger than the truth, itself, where Mormonism is concerned.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

About the Video Below

The video below was notorious in Mormon circles when I was a member and we were instructed to stay away from such “anti-Mormon” material. (The Mormons regard any view that is not pro-Mormon as anti-Mormon.) It’s called “The God Makers” and it was made in 1982. It does a very nice job explaining some of Mormonism’s most peculiar beliefs. It explains some of the things that are part of Mormon doctrine, which are so bizarre that when you, as an ex-member, try to tell other people about it, they often don’t believe you.

If you’re trying to explain to someone what you’ve been through as an ex-Mormon, the video below might be a good one to help them understand. It is older, but it’s a good, partially dramatized presentation and I couldn’t find any inaccuracies in it. The dramatization is necessary to show the level of disbelief that ex-members encounter from the general public. This is slowly changing thanks to the internet and the recent presidential run of Romney, which has thrown such aspects of Mormonism as racism, polygamy and magical underwear into the spotlight. But, this is just the tip of the iceberg, as you’ll see in the video.

I think this problem of not being believed by others when you try to tell about your experience is one of the most horrible aspects of having been exposed to Mormonism. It has a really isolating effect on people who have already lost their families and really their entire worldly foundation. This is something I have lived with my whole life and outside two of my family members I have never met face to face with another person who has escaped this cult.

It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to present to you “The God Makers” in its entirety below:

How to Leave the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

If you are currently a member and want out, the only way you can get them to stop harassing and hounding you, is to formally resign.

When I resigned back in the 1980s, I was not aware of any special procedure or that this was something I needed to do. All I knew was that I wanted the constant harassment to stop and I wanted nothing to do with this fraudulent organization. In frustration, I wrote a cease and desist letter to my local bishop and requested that they “take my name off your membership rolls” and “do not contact me, again.” It was a short letter. They harassed me a little more after, but the worst of the trouble stopped. Like a lot of people I had to move far away afterward and my contact with them never ceased entirely until my parents wised up and followed my example of sending in a resignation letter.

The main thing you must do to leave the church is send a letter to your bishop, stating your wish very firmly. I suggest that you include a cease and desist and request for no further contact. They’ll probably ignore this, but they do get sued on occasion and this could be grounds. Keep a copy of the letter you send for your own records.

If you’re in deep and you have a membership number, which you may have received on a piece of paper if you visited a temple or received a Patriarchal Blessing – yes, they give you a number, just like the IRS does – you can provide that information in your letter. But, it’s not necessary. The main thing is that you are requesting removal and to stop the harassment.

The following video illustrates the steps involved in resignation. The process doesn’t occur overnight and they will probably continue to hound you for a while. Eventually, it will all stop and you will be free!

The video suggests you remove your name by writing your request to:

Member Records Division, LDS Church
50 E. North Temple Room 1372
Salt Lake City, Utah 84150-5310

If you are being harassed to an extreme, as I was, I suggest contacting the bishop of your ward in a letter, as well (keeping a copy for your records). Tell him you’ve sent a request for removal to headquarters in Salt Lake and you wish to receive no further contact from him or the members of the ward either in person, by phone, by mail or any other method. This may or may not stave off the inevitable flurry of harassment that usually immediately follows resignation.

For more detailed information on resignation visit: http://www.MormonNoMore.com

Or, see: http://www.exmormon.org/remove.htm



Yeah the reason i left was purely intellectual. I analyzed everything i could. i gathered facts from first
hand accounts of early church members. I read the criticisms from anti-mormons as well as the
defenses from pro-mormons. The fact is, when you put your feelings aside, the mountain of evidence
(some of which is covered wonderfuly in this Hub) piles up against the mormon church. I still have an
open mind about the bible. The good thing about mormonism is that it was recent enough in history and
in english so we can read the first hand accounts. Does it not trouble you that divination and using
occult items like seer stones is forbidden by God in the bible and book of mormon, yet joseph smith
used one. Not only before his vision, but after. He even used his seer stone, not the urim and thummim,
to translate the book of mormon. Martin Harris, EMma smith and others witnessed it and wrote it in
letters or journals. The church concedes the fact that joseph smith used his seer stone throughout his
life. That is just one of the many serious problems during the early years of the church. Like
oldwithcraft said, once you know that, you can’t go back.
I’ve decided to seek the truth, whatever that may be and to whatever extent we as humans can know
what is true. Would you mind telling me what your thoughts were and what you studied after leaving
the church?

Dear Harry,
Thanks for the long reply and for all of your comments here.
Yes, 23 years is a long time!
I think it is harder for people who are born in the church or BIC (Born in the Covenant) to get out. They tend not only to have greater family pressure, but more indoctrination. As the child of converts, I didn’t conform to certain things – in particular their “dress standard” – very well. I think this was a huge point, in fact. I was an only child, growing up out in the country with a swimming pool in the back yard and I lacked the connection to nudity or partial nudity and sex that the Mormons (and in fact the larger culture here in the U.S. has). I was used to wearing bikinis and jean shorts in the summer and so this put me at great odds with the Mormons. They seemed to think I was a 12-year old wanton whore and I thought they were a bunch of perverts (I still think so). I think they always regarded me as something of a loose canon, but they wanted my parents and their money and their service.
The difference between a child of converts and someone born in the church or BIC was that the latter group was probably subjected to earlier and longer indoctrination. For instance, I never went to seminary. I heard about it. I was never invited to speak or given any jobs, etc. And, as an only child, I was something of a bookish loner, so I didn’t manage very well with others in a group setting. I often wandered off just because I couldn’t take the intensity of being around so many people after a while and I had to be alone with my own thoughts. Consequently, I was yelled and screamed at by some of the Young Women’s leaders, which I’ll never forget. It was way out of line and typical.
Because we were converts, I had about 11 years of normalcy. My parents threw cocktail parties, played cards and billiards and had normal friends. These people fled when my parents got involved in with the Mormons! My grandfather, also, ran a tavern, which was kind of a family place – that was the 1970s and there were fewer weird laws than there are now – so I had grown up around that environment. I knew people who drank a beer now and then were not Satan. This is something a lot of Mormons who leave struggle with – they’re like foreigners in their own country. They have no knowledge of drinking culture and what’s normal and what isn’t.
I went to a Catholic Benedictine-run school and I had a lot of non-Mormon friends. Plus, I didn’t grow up anywhere near Utah, but in the midwest. The closer you get to ground zero, the more intense the Mormons get – in number and in weirdness. They have their own cosa nostra in Utah. I didn’t know about this until I was at BYU. That’s when I first got to see what *real* Mormons were like. And, I did not like what I saw.
I was really devastated when I discovered the extent of the fraud in the church. I still felt like there had to be answers to some of my questions about life and what it was all about, but I didn’t really know where to look. I had, always, had an interest in the occult and I pretty much dove right into that subject. One of the most interesting first books I read was the biography of Aleister Crowley (Weiser Books, now out of print) and that’s where I first saw this occult-Mormonism connection in bas relief. Crowley and Smith were cut from the same cloth and both were masons, although Smith was only a Neophyte (Nephite) and Crowley attained the very highest ranking.
As a convert with a non-Mormon past, I used to play a lot with tarot cards and playing cards, too – even when the Mormons forbade this, my family didn’t comply because we thought it was ridiculous. We always had to hide our cards whenever the Mormons came for their surprise visits! My grandfather was a brilliant card player and I was taught to play cards at a very early age. I have a collection now – of tarot and oddball playing cards – I just love them. To an extent they remind me of my card-playing taverner grandfather who is one of the best men I ever knew.
All those things were an advantage to me coming out of the cult. The worst damage I had to overcome was the years of psychosexual abuse. They are not kind to girls and women and they are particularly nasty to anyone of us who doesn’t conform well.
What I found with deprogramming is that whenever there is a thought contrary to something in the church, there is often an unpleasant emotion (fear or a sense of shame or guilt). Once you recognize that pattern of thought and emotion, you can work to stamp it out. You literally have to face down those fearful emotions because you know it’s all an illusion- it’s not *your* emotion. It’s been planted there. So, you just push past it. The main thing I had to do this with was sex because I had been taught that I was a harlot, deserving of whatever happened to me and if I actually did consent to have sex with someone I was going to be like a murderer. Sex = murder. Sex = death. This is a culture that, overall, is very unkind to women. I found a lot of healing in Europe. I spent about a year in Germany and that probably helped me to re-wire the best because they (1) do not connect nudity and sex, either and (2) really don’t care who you have sex with – it’s not an issue.
Like you, I wish we’d had this information. I was in during the Kimball years – the dark ages, literally, in terms of access to information. The only difference I can find between the Church of Satan and the Mormons is that the C of S tells you they’re a Satanic order and they’re going to take your money! Otherwise, at the core the organizations aren’t that different, although the Mormons are much more power oriented. I’ve come to see them as a masonic order disguised as Christianity.
Also, Harry,
When I first saw your comment, I was sort of bracing myself for a TBM. I’ve had a tremendous number of hits relative to comments on this article. So, I figure some of them must be TBM (True Blue Mormons). And, I find that encouraging. I really wrote it about these occult connections, but I think my own trauma is rising to the surface at the prospect of having a Mormon in office, knowing what I know about the Mormons and seeing Romney’s words and actions. I don’t like the guy we’ve got in there right now, but I do not want to live in a Mormon theocracy. I escaped them years ago and I don’t want to be put through something like that ever again!
The Mormons have been thrust into a fish bowl. And, they have hurt a lot of people. There are a lot of traumatized former members out there. This is all coming to a head and I think it could be the thing that derails their crazy train. I don’t hold out much hope for those who are really in deep, but I don’t want to see more people and their innocent children lured into this terrible psychological hell hole. I think it’s normal for survivors to want to speak out about their experiences and to warn others and that’s part of my motivation. Although, originally, I just started thinking about the occult connections in Mormonism one night and why – from that perspective – they might do some of the things they do.
Thanks very much for your comments and for reading the article.
If you want to see something amazing – I think it’s amazing, anyway – check out the video clip I have up there from YouTube that shows a Hidden Camera in the Mormon Temple. Somebody just put that up at YouTube the other day. I don’t know how long it’s going to be there before he gets his head cut off and is disemboweled or something, so check it out while you still can!

Thanks for sharing your story. Its very interesting the things that i relate to so closely, yet we obviously had very different circumstances. Yes utah is ground zero, and thats where i live. Born and raised. One thing that i think is different about mormon culture here in utah is you get a wide range of mormons. What i mean is you have the TBM’s, the ones who are holier than thou and make you feel like crap for everything, but you also have very casual mormons who attend church but dont follow any of the rules. The social pressure here keeps those that don’t really believe in the church active because they don’t want to be cast out of all their social groups. Luckily for me, neither of my parents put pressure on me to be active in the church. i did attend seminary and church occasionally simply because of the social pressure. Speaking of trying to deprogram, i know that video is on the net, but i dont want to watch it. I’ve read about what goes on in there and it creeps me out. The thought of watching it though still feels wrong to me and brings up a lot of anxiety. The thing that really blows my mind is how everyone would say the temple is such a spiritual place and you feel like God is in the room…etc. etc. I’m sure you’ve heard all the great spiritual stories. But when i heard they used to mime slashing their throat and dissembowling themselves i thought how could anyone feel good about that? Another disturbing thing to me is the thought of getting married in their. If i had followed the mormon rules then i wouldn’t have had any intimate contact with my fiance. As we go through the ceremony my soon to be wife would have been wearing that awful shield garment and been partially exposed while a complete stranger puts oil on her breasts and other areas of her naked body. That would have pissed me off. Granted i’m a bit of the jealous type, but saying thats the path i went down, i would have been furious! I imagine alot of men were probably upset with that, but what do you do right? anyway i’ve enjoyed sharing my story and hearing yours. thanks.
I’m sure you will eventually be able to over come your anxiety. It takes time. I learned a powerful two-word phrase after I left the church – “f*ck you!” Once you start saying that to your oppressors, they start seeming pretty small and insignificant and usually really cowardly. And, the church is small and insignificant (and cowardly) in the big picture. As you get more comfortable, you’ll probably see that they are not worthy of your respect – although, I can certainly understand why you want to maintain some respect for your family and friends who are involved. I guess when I left, I had really lost all respect, in general – I had come to see the entire world around me as one big lie up to that point. And, I feel like I’m still going through that every now and again, as an occult researcher I’m often stumbling into things that rock my world view and cause me to re-evaluate everything. It gets to be more comfortable after a while and actually kind of fun!

I escaped back in 1984 or 1985… somewhere in there. I was pretty devastated at the time at just seeing my world, my reality and everything I’d been taught to believe fall apart. I had a friend who suggested that I go check out these ladies (mostly ladies and one old, really nice gay guy) who sat around a table once a week and discussed various metaphysical subjects. So, I did. And, this was my first introduction to a lot of ideas, like the vibratory signatures of various gemstones, healing through the hands (they were doing Reiki – I’m not keen on Reiki and have developed my own techniques that I think work a lot better and this is something I work on all the time – it’s never a static thing, where I say, “This is it. I know all I could know on this subject.” ), U.F.O.s, pyramid power, guided visualization through meditation – all of these kinds of things. So, I got broad overview of ideas from them.
Wicca was not a big trend yet. It’s very big now and it has evolved into kind of a Christianized mess in my opinion. It has pretty unwholesome beginnings. The founders were men like Joseph Smith who were looking to get naked with some young, attractive women and enjoy power. By the 1970s, it evolved into something more feminine and now it is a very beautiful new religion. But, it is, also, a mental trap – just as all religions are. It’s something modern students of the occult all look at. I have a lot of criticisms of it. But, I’m pretty much outnumbered here on HubPages by Wiccans and neo-pagans, so I don’t want to be disrespectful to them. They’re the people who read most of my articles! But, you really want to take a good look at where this religion came from and what it has become, if you get interested in it. Look at the earliest writings of Gerald Gardner, the documentaries of Alexander Sanders (he was a ham who loved the spotlight) and the writings of Doreen Valiente and Patricia Crowther. Those are the earliest and formative influences on Wicca.
The first books I started reading were written by Aleister Crowley. When you first start reading some of his material, some of it seems like nonsense. But, when you put it together with other material from various Hermetic orders, it slowly starts to make sense.
I think the important thing to keep in mind for someone who is a spiritual abuse survivor is not to get into the trap of “following” someone or deifying anyone or anything. This is a tendency that seems to get programmed into people when they’re exposed to Christianity – or maybe it’s just some people’s nature to look for a leader to follow. (It reminds me of the Life of Brian when he’s trying to tell them he’s not the messiah and to stop following him – the next thing you know there’s a hoard of people waiting to see the messiah!) Look at their work and what they can teach you and don’t get caught up in the cult of personality. This is less of a problem in occultism – but, it’s still something to consider. In the world of the occult, knowledge serves us and not the other way around.
Israel Regardie of the Golden Dawn did some marvelous work. The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn exposed the secret societies and all of their knowledge. It’s a lot to wade through! And, there’s a variety of related things in it – the study of the tarot, for example, is closely related to the study of astrology, numerology and the Kaballah. If you study these things in a systematic way and then apply them, you’ll be amazed at what you can do and how the mysteries of the world start to unfold. Its’ what it was designed to do. I prefer the Book of Thoth. That’s Crowley’s deck – Crowley was a creep and a dubious character – but some of his analysis is brilliant. Take the wheat and leave the schaff.
Franz Bardon’s work is brilliant and one of the easiest to understand, he purposely tries to demystify things for the student.
If you like a particular area – for example – I really get into the Norse stuff. I have a lot of German ancestry and I speak German almost like a native. So, I jumped into the history and the lore in a big way. Find a passion like that and pursue it. Study all of their myths, legends, follklore, language, etc.
Personally, I like Dion Fortune. She was a member of the Golden Dawn, also. Some people think her work is too Christian and she was a Christian, but it’s, also, very good.
Look into various forms of alternative healing, as well. Homeopathy and radionics both work with the same esoteric science. There is no mystery to me about how these things work, although mainstream scientists are either completely confounded by it or deny that it works. It is all based on esoteric science – it’s not mysterious or weird, if you understand it.
Those are just a few of the best things I can think of off the top of my head. The main thing is that you pursue whatever interests you and don’t give your mind away to an idea, an ideal, a person or a presumed god – and keep looking for that light – the illumination. I don’t know that there’s an answer – maybe there is and maybe there isn’t. But, pursuing this knowledge has made my life better and I don’t could do anything else, really.


Most religions seem to be about control, power and money. The carrot offered is consistently the same thing: some sort of infinite existence. The idea that we may be finite beings seems to instill deep fears in most of the people I know. This fear makes people vulnerable to brainwashing and fleecing.
I will never understand what is so scary about a state of non- existence. I do think the actual process of death is scary, but a state of total unawareness is just that.



Thank you for you comment and your insights. I absolutely agree with you.
The carrot in Mormonism involves the belief that “families are forever” and only the Mormons have the “authority” to ensure that you will be with your family members through “all time and eternity” by virtue of them being sealed to you in a temple ritual. Once people believe in that, driven by the fear that death will separate their family (after all Xian marriages say, “’til death do us part”), they will do anything to keep their family together.
When I left, I remember this was my poor mother’s fear at the time, that we would be separated in death!
The other Mormon carrot they dangle is the belief in a Celestial Kingdom or a highest heaven. Only here will you be reunited with your fictional Heavenly Father (although, this figure is so narcissistic and tyrannical that I could never figure out why anyone would want to be in his presence). If you fail to live up to Mormon principles, which are set so high (“be ye perfect, just as Your Father in Heaven is perfect”) that no one possibly could, you will, at the very least, be relegated to the Telestial or Terrestial Kingdoms and you will never become a god.
Once people buy the initial premise that only Mormonism and a belief in and blind adherence to its doctrines can ensure their family unity after death, the Mormons have got them! And, they manipulate them with the fear of loss, desolation and separation from their loved ones – not only in the hereafter, but in the here and now. The family is used as leverage against those who want out and many people – like the previous poster we called “hi” above – are essentially trapped out of respect for their families and a fear of being cut off, losing jobs, losing community standing, etc.

Finally! A hub that speaks the truth about the Mormons and their connection with the Occult! I am amazed at the amount of research you put into this hub, and and your wide range of knowledge about Occult matters! I found this hub by reading your comments on one of GracieLinda’s hubs that I found poorly researched and miss-leading.
I practiced the Occult for about twenty years, and I am now a Christian, and yet I am more open minded than many. This is because I believe that it is up to God to judge, not me!
I find it interesting that you state that many witches are Atheist, and I found this this is quite true, in both Wicca and Satanism. When I was involved in “The Dark Arts” I did believe in God, I just thought he was not the good guy!
I have now found relationship with a God that has turned out to be much different than the way I was raised to perceive Him. I will read much more of your hubs for you are great writer and researcher, even though are beliefs differ I feel you one I can respect….even if time comes that we find ourselves in a debate!



Hello! Thank you for your kind and very interesting comment.
The more research we do, the more open-minded we become. At least, this has been true in my case as I continue to shatter one previous held idea after another, it seems. Leaving Mormonism was the first such event for me and now my life has been a series of these discoveries.
Re: Most witches are atheists. World-wide, this is absolutely true. Although, many newcomers to witchcraft still have Christian ideas about things, so they tend to regard the gods and goddesses of witchcraft as something more akin to the god of the Jews or the Christians. This is where they are in their understanding of things. A lot of them are very confused and spiritually and psychologically injured in some way, no doubt, and trying to find their way out of the maze. Mormonism is only one of many destructive cults in the mix. There are many others.
Whatever conclusion you come to, it is good that you arrive at it through independent research and some sort of reasoning process. I like to encourage people to research before they commit their minds, their hearts – and in the case of the Mormons, 10% of their gross income and the risk of losing their entire family to a group of people who are not what they appear to be on the surface.
Again, thanks very much for your comment.

The roots of Mormonism are Druid, Greek and Egyptian mysticism. What you’ve covered here is a highly accurate description of this organization’s theatrical mask and stage props. The negative core of this SSO is it was engineered to penetrate US domestic and political infrastructure as a repatriation project for the monarchy. Deeper still, LDS is a black mass sacrifice entity what activity is directed at breeding down intelligence in the mainstream and breeding it up in the elite. They take the Eve Novus in pairs, immediately sacrifice one and rape the second bringing her to term and sacrificing her as well just moments before they deliver her fetus, she laying dead from having her heart cut out while alive. THIS is the Mormon church and this organization performed 300 thousand of these “occult rendition” ceremonies 1900- 2000 in the US alone.
This is very interesting. I would appreciate it if you could point the way to any online references or books on this. The Tanners and Ed Decker have done some research that goes pretty deep into the occult roots of Mormonism. I’m not sure all of the information Decker was given is correct, though – he had a guy feeding him info. who has a dubious background. Most of Decker’s work is right on, though.\
If you can, please, explain the SSO connection. This is the first I’ve heard of it.
As far as this goes: “…political infrastructure as a repatriation project for the monarchy.” Their interest in genealogy is not really about baptisms for the dead. They’re definitely looking for certain bloodlines. I have an article on the Plantagenets that I just published that touches on this slightly. The bloodlines of the the monarchy of England, France and the ancient German Kings is here in the United States. There is an occult connection that is of importance to them, but it is so bizarre that I hesitate to mention it without further explanation. I plan to write another article about it that has to do with perception of frequency ranges… essentially, those with a lot of the bloodline are not operating on the same frequency as most other people.
You will find few people, at least, in the U.S. who have less of a regard for girls and women – we are like cattle to them and our lives have the same value to the Mormons. I would really like to read more about the Eve Novus ceremony…. I can’t find anything in a Google search.
I don’t doubt the things you say. If you have any references or places to read further about them, please, post them here.
Thank you for your very interesting comment.
Wow, it took some very in-depth research to do this HUB….I have been interested in finding the link in all of this and you did it! Am I ever glad I was perusing the Exclusive Hubs tonight. I was brought up in Pentecostalism which is witchcraft, and has its roots in this stuff you write about. I think its so sad that this all occurs in the United States, and that people can hardly get out of it without a struggle. I was out at 21 which seems interesting huh? Pentecostalism and this is so similar, they do allow Freemasonry in the Church, I have always thought they did it behind the scenes or something. I hope you will write me, as I have thought of doing a Hub on this as I said but did not know where to start. I hope and pray that people get it right and get out of it…It took me three denominations and 30 yrs to find the Roman Catholic Church which I am a member of, and will stay a member of. I am glad you had the courage to write this Hub, it is and will help others. May Jesus Mary and the Angels, be with you.

Dear Diane,
Thank you for the comment. I would like to read a hub about your Pentecostal experience. I have just done a little outsider’s research on them and they appear to be a fusion of African spiritualism and Christianity. They churned out some great white singers and musicians with a “black sound” back in the 1950s. My great-grandmother was an early Pentecostal. I didn’t know her, but my mom says she was a little nutty about some things – some other things she and I agree about. For example, she thought television was evil (wouldn’t allow it in the house and said it was “the devil”) and she had nothing to to with allopathic medicine. But, the Pentecostals use overt methods of hypnosis on their members, then they tell them that the effect they’re experiencing is the work of God. I have often wondered how intelligent people can get sucked into cults and while the answer is complex, I feel certain that hypnosis is a major component!
Mormonism is a reconstructionist religion. They are not Protestants. The basis of Protestantism is, of course, Catholicism. But, Mormonism really is built on the foundation of freemasonry.
When I was in the Mormon organization (the Morgue) back in the 1980s, members were strongly discouraged from joining an masonic groups. That changed some time later.
Here’s an excerpt from the Wikipedia article on Mormonism and Freemasonry ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mormonism_and_Freemas ):
“From 1925 to 1984 the Grand Lodge of Utah prohibited Latter-day Saints from joining, but no other Grand Lodge followed this ban and Mormons were free to join Lodges outside Utah. In 1984 the Grand Lodge of Utah officially dropped its anti-Mormon position and allowed LDS church members to join. Today there is no formal obstacle in Utah or in any other Grand Lodge preventing Mormons from becoming Freemasons.”
“The presidency of the LDS Church has not made an official statement as to whether or not Freemasonry is compatible with Mormonism. However Don LeFevre, a past spokesman for the church has said the church “…strongly advises its members not to affiliate with organizations that are secret, oath-bound, or would cause them to lose interest in church activities.”[8] There are many LDS Masons in Utah and other Grand Lodges who serve and have served in various leadership positions, including Grand Masters, other Grand Officers, and Worshipful Masters.”
It looks like a conflict of interest since Mormon men who are masons would have to take oaths of loyalty (their worldly goods, their lives, etc.) to two different masters.
Some time back in the 1990s, I think it was, the Mormons dropped their blood oaths, but my parents will not discuss any of the temple activities because of the threats that were made to them there. Furthermore, my mother won’t discuss it because of the bizarre, sexually perverted anointing rituals. Lots of sex crime victims had trouble coping with some of those rituals, so they have changed them since then.
The Mormons have had to do a lot of adjusting since the late 1990s, largely due to the work of people like Steve Benson who runs the forum, Recovery from Mormonism at http://www.exmormon.org . It’s a place where Mormon cult survivors share their stories and get support from one another. (Leaving the church – if you can get out, at all – can devastate your life!) It’s had a secondary function of exposing the activities of the church very publicly and this hit fever pitch last year with the unsuccessful run of Mitt Romney.

Jeepers! I didn’t know they were using hypnosis.
Re: Hypnosis. LOL! All religions use some kind of hypnosis, but they don’t all use the same techniques. The Mormons use boredom! You go to three hours of meetings while you’re exhausted and listen to them drone on about the same things and your conscious mind begins to shut down out of fatigue. Pretty soon you’re repeating phrases that are not your own, just like Frank Sinatra in “The Manchurian Candidate” movie: “Raymond Shaw is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life. ”
Only with the Mormons it is:
“I know that the Church is true. I know that it is lead by a True Prophet of God, Thomas S. Monson. I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that Joseph Smith was a True Prophet of God and that he restored the one and only True Church to the earth. I am so grateful that I belong to the True Church and I know that if we faithfully follow its teachings we will be found worthy to return to Heavenly Father’s kingdom. I know that the Book of Mormon is true.”
The Pentecostals are more overt. Tom Silver, the famous stage hypnotist, uses hypnotic induction (induction is the initial trance state in hypnosis – stage hypnotists, also, use them to test the susceptibility of their subjects to suggestion) techniques that are almost identical to raw video I’ve seen of Pentecostal churches.
They all use psychological techniques, too, like “normative conformity” – everyone else is doing something, so even if you think it might be wrong, you go along with everyone else because you don’t want to be the odd one in the group.

I think I may have missed something???What do you believe now? Are you Christain or some other religion, I sure hope the Mormonism experiences did no cause to be an unbeliever in God. Again you may writ me at address given on your fan mail…I would love to hear from you …I will not try to convert you..but hope you have peace.

I made the logical leap from witchcraft-based Mormonism to regular or traditional witchcraft as soon as I got out of there. In my intro. to this article, I mention how lots of Mormon women get into goddess-centered neo-paganism (Wicca, for example) in some form because it is similar to Mormonism. Lots become pagans or atheists. I usually describe myself as an atheist with an esoteric scientific world view.
I consider the Mormons my first introduction to the occult and Satanism.

I see. I am surprised that you did not turn against the idea altogether. I am sorry it all happened to you.

Not all witchcraft is evil. It’s power – just like electricity is power. With Mormonism it was just in the hands of an evil man, Joseph Smith, who created a masonic-style cult with an outer circle that appears to be Christian – as you get deeper into the organization, you slowly discover it is something else, altogether. Mormonism is a black lodge within a white lodge. Lots of organizations that appear to be good on the outside are wicked at the core.
In my article I describe the Mormons as a Luciferian religion, which they are, but it is a wicked form of it. Pure Luciferianism is liberation. To me slavery in any form is evil – and that’s what all religion is, it’s a man (almost always man) who wants to dominate and subjugate others.
I am very much opposed to Mormonism. Its founder was a black magician, but that doesn’t mean witchcraft or even black magic is evil.
Not sure if I want to know the difference in white and black here but tell me anyway….My ex husband swore he was not a Mason, but his Dad was, and thinking back, he must have been, they said I was matriarch of family, I am now Catholic and do not believe in all of it

Black lodge is an old term used in occultism to describe the use of nefarious witchcraft by a masonic-style organization.
Further regarding the Mormon use of hypnotic suggestion:
The Mormons use a suggestive technique on new prospects. The missionaries are taught to knock on doors and theb present certain limited facts about the church (meat before milk, they call it – they don’t tell you the rest of it ’til you’re “in” and committed). They talk about how God loves you and you can be united with him and live with your entire family together in the highest kingdom of heaven in the presence of Heavenly Father. Then, they give you a gift, The Book of Mormon, and they tell you to read the book and pray about it and if it’s true the Lord will tell you. If they’ve given their presentation correctly and, especially if the people have just had a trauma in their lives (lost a family member, in my mother’s case), the people are open to the suggestion given and this is why they say they “know” the church is true. It’s not a logical knowing, but a hypnotic suggestion that they will know. They had this “spiritual experience,” which was really hypnotic suggestion, but they were told before hand that God would speak to them this way, so this is what they believe.

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