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A Traditional Witch’s Solution to the Problem of Christians, Pro-Lifers and Rape Supporters Who Are Trying to Destroy Women

The 3-Part Solution

(SEW) – Silence, Education and Will!

Educate Yourself About Witchcraft

Education is the first and most important aspect of this three-part solution. Witches must educate themselves and their children as we have always done about witchcraft and the healing arts. We must, also, continue to educate ourselves about the nature of the enemy, which has really changed very little over the centuries. Education, also, leads to understanding about the importance of the other two aspects: Silence and will.

On the other hand, there’s no point in trying to educate the ineducable. There is no point in trying to educate Christians about witchcraft, health, science or anything else that requires research or analysis. They don’t even think women are human beings, so it won’t matter what you say to them.

Educate Yourself About the Enemy

Christian pro-lifers are supporters of pro-rape legislation in this country and de facto supporters of rapists and rape. They value the rapist and his semen over the life of any woman. If you’ve ever tried to reason with a rapist, then you know the difficulty of trying to reason with a pro-lifer. They are one and the same and are bent on whatever violence they plan to do to you.

The entire country has had an opportunity to see what those of us who live among them deal with every day. They have revealed themselves to the entire nation with statements from Vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan who finds rape an acceptable “method of conception;” Sen. candidate Todd Akin of Missouri who stated women who are raped do not usually become pregnant and who did not even acknowledge the victim in his comments; and Sen. Smith of Pennsylvania who likened pregnancy from rape to pregnancy “out of wedlock.” We have seen the junk science and religious zealotry behind these insane statements in the past few days. And, the entire country has had an opportunity to see how dangerous these men and their perverse ideology is to women and children.

August 29th, Senator Lindsey Graham (Republican from So. Carolina) said to the Washington Post, “We’re not generating enough angry white guys to stay in business for the long term.” How are they planning on solving this problem? Apparently, by redefining “rape” to legitimize it and outlawing abortion and most forms of contraceptives.

Educate yourself about their beliefs and be aware of how dangerous they are to you. For your own safety, do not entertain them in your home and never turn your back on them. These are people who use their god and their bible to justify rape and other violence against women and children. They should be taken seriously because they pose a very real and palpable threat, especially in the middle part of the U.S.

You can see why, in these states, you would be wise not to come out of the broom closet. You cannot live your life openly as witch and it is very difficult to even live openly as an independent woman. Our businesses are targeted and we are targets even in our own homes

Ignoring the problem or pretending it doesn’t exist will not make it go away. They have grown stronger in the past few years while pagan groups have stood by silently as if nothing were happening. Only atheists groups and some small academic groups who advocate reason have raised any objection against them. Their small voices have been silenced in the Christian-dominated media and wherever attempts to silence these voices of reason have failed they have been ridiculed.

Silence and Will

Silence is golden.

If you are raped or become the target of a sex criminal (a very likely possibility if you live in the United States), think twice about reporting anything to law enforcement. Law enforcement will probably treat you like a criminal. They will treat your body like a crime scene with no regard for you as a human being. Women who have been raped have been jailed to force them to testify after they’ve made a report. If you fail to prove your claim, which is nearly impossible, you may be charged – there are numerous incidences of this. So, think twice.

The only justice you will have in this situation is that you make for yourself. Use black magic and keep silent about what you do. Talking about it not only compromises the working, but it makes you vulnerable in other ways.

Be careful who you confide in about rape because you never know who a rapist is until it is too late and if some men find out you survived an attack, they may attempt to finish the job. The ongoing trauma of surviving rape is learning that there is really no one you can trust. It is important for your own safety to accept this as soon as you can and work from within this reality.

When the Will is properly applied, results in the physical world follow.

Black magic causes changes to occur in the outer environment, but it all begins with your mind, the force of your thoughts and your will.

Use what you know and use your will. If you came to witchcraft from a Christian background or were indoctrinated by Wiccans, remember and take comfort in this: There is no god! Therefore, there is no judgment from god in any form. Do what you know is right – do it silently!

If you feel you absolutely must have some law, rule or guideline to live by, then here are two good ones to choose from: “Do right and fear nothing!” from the Old Norse Havamal and “Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law,” from Liber AL by Aleister Crowley.

Do not let the Christians destroy your will and your desire to see right and justice prevail. If you believe in the Wiccan Rede, Karma and the 3-Fold Law, learn the truth about these things. They were invented in the 1970s by a group of now defunct Wiccans called the “Council of American Witches” in Minneapolis, Minnesota to try to convince the Christians that witches and Wiccans, in particular, are not what we are and that they shouldn’t be afraid of us. But, they are lies. They are harmful to the people who believe they are real and they do nothing to allay the fears of Christians who loathe and despise us all, regardless.

Educate Yourself About Health and Natural Pregnancy Prevention

Witches know how to deal with many problems related to reproduction including fertility and infertility. It is easier to use contraception to prevent an unwanted pregnancy than it is to get rid of something you don’t want. Using contraception takes away some of the fear of rape. At least, with contraception, you know that if you survive an attack, you are less likely to become pregnant.

Contrary to what ignorant, Christian men think, pregnancy from rape is not uncommon. Furthermore, rape, itself, is extremely common. Preventing rape is impossible because only a rapist can prevent rape by choosing not to rape and they now have more reason than ever before, thanks to Christian legislators, to continue their violence.

If you survive, the prevention of pregnancy is the only thing you may have some control over in this situation.

The Source Insane 13th Century Christian “Medical” Doctrines

The following article shows where Todd Akin and others like him get their bizarre misinformation: ‘Rape can’t cause pregnancy’: A brief history of Todd Akin’s bogus theory

Although, it has its roots in long-discredited, 13th century medical practices, Akin’s pro-rape, anti-woman philosophy seems to come directly from John C. Wilkie, a physician who was once president of the National Right to Life Committee. The following is from Christian Life Resources in 1999:

“Finally, factor in what is is certainly one of the most important reasons why a rape victim rarely gets pregnant, and that’s physical trauma. Every woman is aware that stress and emotional factors can alter her menstrual cycle. To get and stay pregnant a woman’s body must produce a very sophisticated mix of hormones. Hormone production is controlled by a part of the brain that is easily influenced by emotions. There’s no greater emotional trauma that can be experienced by a woman than an assault rape. This can radically upset her possibility of ovulation, fertilization, implantation and even nurturing of a pregnancy. So what further percentage reduction in pregnancy will this cause? No one knows, but this factor certainly cuts this last figure by at least 50 percent and probably more.”

The above is an example of the kinds of things Christians tell each other – and which they apparently believe. This recent nation-wide public airing of their idiocy and cruelty is nothing new. Other “Christ-like” quotes from Republicans include the statement from Texas gubernatorial nominee who said that rape is like the weather, “If it’s inevitable, just relax and enjoy it” (http://www.nytimes.com/1990/03/26/us/texas-candidate-s-comment-about-rape-causes-a-furor.html) Later, he said that he was only joking. Apparently, he felt he was only making a “sex” joke.

in January 2012, then Republican Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum, a militant Catholic, said that women should accept the “gift of rape.”

“Well, you can make the argument that if she doesn’t have this baby, if she kills her child, that that, too, could ruin her life… I believe and I think the right approach is to accept this horribly created — in the sense of rape — but nevertheless a gift in a very broken way, the gift of human life, and accept what God has given to you.

“As you know, we have to, in lots of different aspects of our life. We have horrible things happen. I can’t think of anything more horrible. But, nevertheless, we have to make the best out of a bad situation.”

What do you suppose men like these do when no one is looking – when they’re with a woman who is not a member of the flock? Would you let any of these people into your home or allow them around your children?

Witchcraft and the Healing Arts

Some forms of natural contraception are effective, can be done cheaply and some of them actually improve your immune system. How exactly this is done, I cannot tell you here (the laws of the land make such a discussion illegal or dangerous, at best), but it is done just as there are methods of enhancing fertility when you want to have a child that are natural and available growing in the woods throughout parts of the U.S. Independent studies have been conducted on some of these things by women themselves and by health researchers in so-called third world countries.

There are, also, natural methods of getting rid of an unwanted pregnancy. It is not 100% safe, but it exists and it has always existed and it always will. Because of centuries of ongoing Christian persecution, these things cannot be spoken about publicly (they are illegal to use in many states and people have been arrested for doing so), but there are breadcrumbs for research in this article in the books shown in the Amazon ads. You will have to dig, do research and use your own judgment about the information you find. Sometimes you will have to read between the lines because the laws are so strict regarding the dissemination of this information that it is difficult to write about this topic without running into potential legal problems. This is more of the love of Christ in action.

I have known about many of these things for more than 25 years. I began researching them deeper many years ago because I saw then where this country was headed in terms of Christian religious fanatics who just cannot leave other people – especially women – alone!

I watched them reduce punishment for rapists, condone rape, engage in state rape and make it difficult to get contraception and health care, including abortion since the late 1970s. The acceptance of rape, in particular, state-sanctioned rape or just “state rape,” has long been a problem in the U.S. It is no exaggeration to say that the U.S. is a nation of people who love and condone rape. It is a nation dominated by Christian religious zealots who loathe women, womanhood and anything else of true beauty and value.

Arm yourselves against these dangerous people – both in the physical sense and with education. Use witchcraft; use your knowledge; use your will and be fearless. But, work in the shadows – just like they do. Do not foolishly come out in the open to become a target for them. We are severely outnumbered and they have their people in positions of power. How do you suppose someone like Todd Akin got to be on the House Science Committee? Please, see my other article on “Witches and Religious Tolerance: Do Witches Owe Tolerate or Respect Christians?” – at the bottom are lists of groups working against us, in particular look for “National Apostolic Reformation,” “Seven Mountains,” “Christian Supremacy “and “Dominionism.”

These dark forces of Christian tyranny and oppression have labored in the shadows for decades, but they are openly aligning against us, now. Even if Romney loses the upcoming presidential election, it will not stop the Christian-infected Republican Party from continuing to legislate against us, against our well-being, our physical safety and our very existence.

You must educate yourselves now. If you’re interested in witchcraft – real witchcraft, as opposed to the slick, impotent Hollywood version of things that is being peddled by the major publishing houses – this is it.

Remember these three things: (SEW) – Silence, Education and Will!

For more facts on the Dominionists or the Christian Nationalists, please, read: An Old Witch’s Guide to Understanding Christian Nationalism

Getting to Know the Enemy

Regarding Comments

This article is for witches – actual witches… not Hollywood witches and not Christians.

I am leaving the comment section open, but I will not accept hateful comments from Christians justifying or supporting rape or rapists. The pro-life position and the rapists’ position on women’s bodies are 100% identical.

Furthermore, I will instantly delete comments that are abusive toward me or other women and those that attempt to justify Christian abuses of women by saying that it is customary or “everybody else does it.”

The Christians in this country have been coddled and given a pass while they rape and abuse women and children in the name of god! It’s well past time for this to stop!

Copyright(©) LucifersGrotto 2013. All rights reserved.

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